Beca & Matt – Renaissance Faire

IMG_68756640518717Beca Middleton and Matt Poremsky, of Lewisburg.

IMG_68459637047060Matt and Beca met via a message on Myspace over 8 years ago. Their first date was on November 29, 2006. Beca grew tired of waiting for him to propose and decided to do it herself. In May of 2013, they had planned a weekend away “just because”. On the Monday before, Beca picked out a ring that she thought he might like. She wasn’t entirely sure if he would say yes or not because he had waited so long already. She wrote and rewrote what she was going to say to him and kept it in her purse, along with the ring. Saturday, after they went to the movies and were back in their hotel to relax before going to a festival, she had him sit down while she read off what she had to say. Matt paused so long after she finished that she was certain he was saying no. It took him a few seconds before he spoke and finally said yes!

IMG_43273180263959Unsure of how to theme their wedding, and toying with the idea of a Gothic Victorian wedding, they discussed eloping at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim, PA. It was a yearly tradition for them every fall. With some research the couple discovered that there were many wedding packages to chose from and finally settled on a date.

IMG_43306093720561On September 20th, 2014, they were married at the Faire. The Faire provides a package that includes nearly everything! They have a harp player during the ceremony, who can play nearly anything you’d want. Beca’s uncle, the Rev. William Middleton, performed the ceremony.

IMG_43326015472429They kept the guest list small and opted not to have any attendants, except for Beca’s 16 yr. old daughter, who was involved in the sand ceremony and was the keeper of the rings. The rings were kept in  a coffin shaped ring box made by a friend of the bride.

IMG_68688742024316 The bride wore a skirt handmade by a friend who turned over 20 yards of fabric into something amazing, a corset from a vendor at the Faire itself, Casta Diva, then the shirt and separate sleeves were made by the couple. After the ceremony itself, there was a feast in the Feast Pavilion, with a variety of foods as well as music groups, jugglers, fire eaters, and jesters to entertain guests during the reception.

IMG_43340778515288The cake was designed by for the PA Renaissance Faire.

The couple are planning to have a much more casual get together for everyone locally in Spring or Early Summer of 2015 to celebrate their marriage. Both have large families and Matt is very involved in music groups and other events in the area.

If you would like to be married at the Faire please contact:  or visit

3 thoughts on “Beca & Matt – Renaissance Faire

      1. Wasn’t expensive at all and nearly everything. Contact the Faire itself and they will give you all the details!

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