Cristin & Jeff — Leesport

Bride and Groom Printz WeddingCristin, 29, and Jeff, 31, had several mutual connections prior to meeting. Throughout the years, they heard stories about the other in passing, but it wasn’t until a few years later , when an online interaction turned into a 5 ½ year courtship. They were always the two who joked around that they would never get married, but deep down knew some day they would. One day they decided that marriage was the natural next step.

Cristin and Jeff told their parents about their decision and with the news, their mother’s began getting excited about a ‘standard wedding’. However, Cristin and Jeff are private, and wanted something more low key. To compromise, the plan was to share the wedding between parents and themselves at the local magistrate, surprise siblings/extended family over Christmas, and have the standard reception during the summer to bring all of their loved ones together. The date was almost finalized when life took an unexpected turn. At this point Cristin already made peace with knowing there would never be the opportunity to have the a father/daughter walk down the aisle, as her Father passed away a few years prior. Cristin was now faced with the sudden loss of her mother days before what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Family is extremely precious to Cristin and Jeff and in that moment they realized they wanted everyone to rejoice their nuptials as soon as possible, and putting it off was no longer worth it.

One evening in January 2014, they sent a picture of a marriage license to their siblings. With the running joke of Cristin and Jeff “never getting married”, their siblings were shocked, then beyond excited. To keep the shock factor going, they also informed them that their wedding date was set for a week later. After informing a few extended family members and close friends, they announced their engagement to the rest of the family and friends. Cristin and Jeff were married on January 22, 2014 and held their gorgeous reception in July 2014 in Leesport, PA.

Family Portrait Barn Printz WeddingCeremony site: Our local magistrate office surrounded by our immediate family members.

Group Photo Printz WeddingReception site: Hall at Cristin and Jeff’s local farmer’s market in Leesport

Flowers: Table arrangements were artificial and from Michael’s.

Bride Printz WeddingGown and accessories: Wedding gown and head piece was from David’s Bridal. The necklace was from Zale’s and was a gift from their first Christmas.

Cristin Bridal PortraitHair & Makeup: Lords & Ladies

Rings: Belden Jewelers.

Bridal Party PrintzFormalwear/Bridesmaid’s Dresses: The only requirement for the groomsmen and bridesmaid’s was to wear either navy blue or orange. Their bridal party was comprised of different body types and heights, so Cristin and Jeff allowed them to pick what they were most comfortable in. The groomsmen wore khakis and either a button down shirt or polo. The bridesmaids were free to pick their style of knee-length dress.

Stationery: Vista print

Catering: Cristin and Jeff realized that they were backyard barbeque types. To stay true to that, they chose a local cater, Moyer’s Catering.

Family Printz WeddingCake: Cake and cupcakes were made by the Groom’s Mother and accented with edible butterflies ordered off of Etsy.

First Dance Printz WeddingMusic: B&B Light and Sound

Printz Wedding FavorsFavors: Bags of prepackaged candy, bag your own candy, cookies and also customized drink cozies ordered off of Etsy.

Couple Portrait Printz WeddingPhotographer: E Ashley Photography, Philadelphia

Videographer: E Ashley Photography, Philadelphia


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