Montour & Columbia Counties · Wedding

Jessica & Jeff — Bloomsburg

DSC_4110Jessica, of Mount Carmel, and Jeff, of Mount Carmel, were wed in a hot pink themed affair.

DSC_4025Jeff and Jessica met on in September of 2008 at McGuiguans in Sunbury. Jessica was at a Bachelorette party and Jeff at the after celebration of a friend’s wedding. Jessica presented herself to Jeff’s group as the bride to be, which was a fib to keep the guys away. Jeff says, “It must have been my overwhelming charm, and irresistible sexy-ness because she confessed that she was not the bride to be and we ended up leaving with a friend of mine and a friend of hers. In fact I often tease her that we slept together the very night we met. What! Its true!! Get your minds out of the gutter we literally slept in my car. Me in the drivers seat and she in the passenger seat waiting for said friends to return to us as they were outside talking. That was it, that was all I needed I was hooked!!! We started going on dates and hanging out over the next several weeks, weeks turned into months and months into years. We have had many ups and downs, many good times and bad, heartache and sorrow, happiness… She has seen me at my best and worst as I have seen her at her best and worst as well. There are way too many things to write about but one of the biggest life changing events was having the twins Mr. Ayden james and Ms Addison bree. This by far was the greatest yet scariest day of my life but once she held them I literally seen her fall instantly in love with them. I was in awe. The day we brought them home from the hospital I got to watch it all over again when Brady John was introduced to them… The look she had was that of a proud mommy. That was the moment that I knew I would one day marry her.”

DSC_2512Ceremony site: Barn at Boones Dam, Bloomsburg

TIM_7679Reception site: Barn at Boones Dam, Bloomsburg

DSC_4172Wedding consultant: Ruth Kranig from Susquehanna Chef, Bloomsburg

DSC_3203Flowers: The Details Matter, Danville

DSC_3198 1Hair & Makeup: Bella Salon, SunburyTIM_7534Formalwear: Matlows, Mount Carmel

DSC_3214Bridesmaids Dresses: Exclusively You Bloomsburg PA

DSC_3549Catering: Susquehanna Chef, Bloomsburg

DSC_2531Cake: Susquehanna Chef, Bloomsburg

DSC_3715Music: Chad Evans

DSC_3616Photographer: Carden’s Photography, Williamsport

DSC_2581Videographer: Carden’s Film, Williamsport


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