Union County · Wedding

Beth & Cliff — Lewisburg

K-693Bethany Berge, of Lewisburg, and Clifton Kern, of York, were wed in a rustic, natural affair in June 2015.

K-563Written from the Groom’s perspective with comments by the Bride: We found each other on ChristianMingle.com. I was on it a grand total of 3 days when Bethany snatched me up! We chatted online for almost two weeks before we decided it was time to meet. Well our first date was quite interesting. Because of our mutual appreciation for the outdoors, we decided it would be cool to go on a hike at Pinchot Park in Lewisberry, PA. It wasn’t until after the decision that we realized one should never go on hike for a first date with a stranger you met online! Unwise for sure. To break the ice, we each brought a “peace offering” of sorts. I brought fresh veggies from my garden and Bethany brought a jar of canned venison! We exchanged our gifts and preceded on our hike. Just to be safe in case the peace offering was not enough to keep peace, unbeknownst to me at the time, Bethany was packing some “heat” around her waist. Because you never know what kind of “women” may be lurking on ChristianMingle.com, I also brought a little backup of my own just in case. Luckily for us the date went well and we did not need to resort to other measures of keeping “peace!” [Bethany’s Comments: It was very obvious to me from the start that Cliff was beyond nervous, which helped in calming my own nerves. I was impressed by his “peace offering” with the variety in his veggie bag. The man had a green thumb; right there major points were won. We started on our hike and I couldn’t help but smile inside because it was like he never walked and talked with someone before. The whole time he was about 10-15ft. in front of me; only stopping and chatting to point out the occasional mushroom and edible plant. “Don’t eat that one, it will kill you.”] So now half way through our hike we stopped on a rock and I had to pull out my smart phone and we watched my brother, Clayton, propose to his now wife because they were doing it on a public web cam in State College, and I could not miss that. So that was rather interesting; our first date involved a proposal! Foreshadowing? After our hike I decided to go to a little drive-in diner for dinner where we both ordered the cheese burgers. I went to pay only to find out they don’t take credit cards! I looked in my wallet and I had $0 cash. Crap! Luckily Bethany had some cash so she ended up paying for our first date. The burgers were pretty underwhelming. Fortunately, I had brought those fresh tomatoes from my garden so we ended up putting them on the burgers which made them much better! [Bethany’s Comments: Finally, I had him right where I wanted him; seated right across from me, face to face! He salvaged the date as he finally opened his mouth and started talking about things other than edible plants. We talked into the night about hunting, hobbies, family etc. This man had potential for sure!]

CB (5 of 6)Proposal: Written from the Bride’s perspective. Cliff took me on a hike to Pole Steeple where we hiked up and sat atop the cliffs overlooking the scenic valley. There was some discussion about marriage and getting engaged when Cliff said something along the lines of, “What if I ask you right now?” I replied with, “You can’t, you haven’t asked my dad yet!” Cliff told me I didn’t know that for sure. As a matter of fact, Cliff did ask my father for my hand in marriage a few days earlier! It was nearing 4:00pm when we got up to head back down the trail. I was standing up on a higher rock when I noticed cliff was still kneeling on the rock below. He told me he had a question for me. Right then I knew what was happening so I sat down immediately so I wouldn’t fall off the cliff from excitement. He pulled the ring from his pocket and quickly asked, “Will you marry me?!” Yes, Cliff Kern proposed atop a cliff. And I said YES!

K-227Ceremony site: On the lawn of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Lewisburg

K-723Reception site: Country Cupboard – The Colonel John Kelly Room, Lewisburg

K-543Flowers: Morning Glories Flower and Gift Shoppe, Mifflinburg

K-587Gown and accessories: David’s Bridal

K-23Rings: Brilliantearth.com

CB (3 of 6)Formalwear: Men’s Warehouse and Kohl’s

CB (4 of 6)Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

K-1Stationery: DIY with paper from Michaels

Catering: Country Cupboard Buffet

K-849Cake: Mirella’s Fine Cakes & Pastries, Milton

K-512Transportation: Brandon Hoet, a friend of the groom, provided our getaway car: A classic, white, ‘65 mustang fastback.

K-833Photographer: Leigh G Photography, York

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