Union County · Wedding

Abbey & Matthew — Lewisburg


Abbey Whittaker, of Mifflinburg, and Matthew Damore, of South Carolina, were wed in a rustic styled affair.


Matthew and Abbey met when the pair were stationed together at Aviano Air Base. She could never seem to get a 100 on the PT test. So Abbey decided to ask around to see if anyone could help with her run time, someone gave her the name of a man who always seemed to get 100’s. His name was Matthew Damore. The pair met up one day to practice her running. It was pouring down raining. He showed up and asked if she wanted to still run even though it was raining. And Abbey said why not! So, the pair drove to the bottom of the Duomo – a local Italian church that everyone ran to. Then they ran 2 miles up hill to the church, at the top the view was breathtaking. From there, they fell in love.

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1408_low.JPGCeremony site: Colonial Pines, Lewisburg

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1579_lowReception site: Colonial Pines Barn, Lewisburg

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1132_lowFlowers: Courtney Moyer


Gown and accessories: David’s Bridal

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1092_lowHair & Makeup: James Martin Hair Salon, Lewisburg


Rings: Wolf’s Jewelry

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1546_lowFormalwear: Tuxes N Tunes

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1096_lowBridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1214_low.JPGCatering: S and M Catering, Mifflinburg

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1794_lowCake: Erin Reed Cakes

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1763_lowMusic: Jonathan Davis

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1675_low.JPGFavors: Photobooth pictures

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1224_lowPhotographer: Strattons Photography, Milton

Whitaker_Damore_wwwstrattonsus_AbbeyMatthew1536_low.JPGVideographer: Strattons Photography, Milton


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