Union County · Wedding

Dianna & Jason — Lewisburg

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10137CMS_low.JPGDianna Banks, of New York, and Jason Swartz, of Mifflinburg, were wed in a vintage styled affair.

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10132CMS_low.JPGJason and Dianna were raising money for a charity and were the unfortunate ones put in charge of collecting the money promised by donors. He used this as a reason to visit and contact her several times.

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10138CMS_low.JPGJason proposed on the beach in Atlantic City. It was chilly that day and Dianna was puzzled (and cold) when he wanted to walk barefoot on the beach. He proposed while the pair watched the waves come in.

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10085CMS_low.JPGCeremony site: Elizabeth’s: An American Bistro, Lewisburg

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10017CMS_lowReception site: Elizabeth’s, Lewisburg

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10015CMS_lowFlowers: Stein’s Florists, Lewisburg


Gown and accessories: Asos, David’s Bridal

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10063CMS_lowHair & Makeup: Advanced Skincare Spa & Salon, Lewisburg

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10081CMS_low.JPGRings: Pauls’ Jewelry Design, East Amherst, New York

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10146CMS_low.JPGFormalwear: Tuxes N Tunes, Mifflinburg.

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10192CMS_low.JPGCatering: Elizabeth’s, Lewisburg

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10019CMS_lowCake: Boyer’s Sweet Treats, Kreamer

Banks_Swartz_wwwstrattonsus_10094CMS_lowPhotographer: Strattons Photography, Milton

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